May 30th
What may be the final photos of the Findol Finnish Lapphund litter in WA from Janoby All About Arvo x Watersedge Tru Magic (IID) are now in the gallery. One of the puppies has gone to his new home today and the others will follow suit next weekend.

Congratulations to all the new owners/parents!

May 29th
We have had confirmation today that Ch. Theldaroy Best Example (Minka) is pregnant. This is an unexpected surprise.

Minka was discovered with Ch. Watersedge Alias Aleksi (IID) (Aleksi) on the Saturday morning of Ch. Janoby All About Aslann's (Aslann) assignation with Ch. Watersedge Tru Destiny (IID) HT (Jaana).

There was not supposed to be puppies as Minka was on the very end of her season. She was managed along the way with several trips to the vet with the consensus that there were no puppies. This was until we x-rayed her today.

We are now expecting 2 puppies from Minka within the next week.

May 26th
We have puppies! Ch. Tomolga Designer Genes (Noosa), our Black & Tan Australian Kelpie was delivered of 2 Black males via caesarean tonight. Thanks to Michael Woodcock and Sarah Robin from the The Vet Lounge for giving up the late hours of their evening. We were warned not to call during the State of Origin...

Photos coming soon to the gallery...

May 23rd
More photos of the Findol Finnish Lapphund puppies are now in the gallery. They are really starting to look like mini Lappies now!

May 19th
Birthday celebrations! Ch. Watersedge Georgie Girl (George) our Australian Kelpie is a year older today. She is still as adorable and as cheeky as she was when she was a tiny puppy.

These days she spends her time overseeing the education of her grand-daughter Watersedge Maranoa (Marnie).

May 16th
Watersedge was part of the 1200 strong contingent that turned out for the Annual RSPCA Million Paws Walk at Burleigh today. The crowd was apparently a record for the Gold Coast. Our team consisted of our male Australian Kelpie Ch. Engleforest Jarrah (Jarrah) and our Finnish Lapphunds Ch. Watersedge Tru Colours (IID) (Katja) and the twins Ch. Watersedge Tiger Lily (Heidi) and Ch. Watersedge Sno Lily (Lylli).

We were asked to join the walk by Michael Woodcock, Sarah Robin and Mary Connolly of The Vet Lounge. Having had recent dealings with the RSPCA with respect to the return of one of our Australian Kelpies - Watersedge Black Bear (Cody) - it seemed the very least we could do was to support such a worthwhile cause.

There was a great turnout from The Vet Lounge's clientelle. We all had a great time on the 3 km walk - we will be doing this again next year. I even had people offering to help walk the dogs. I think Michael and Sarah were surprised at how well behaved my crew were away from home!

After the walk whilst having our photos taken for The Vet Lounge's website by Sarah's other half, we were also snapped by Richard Gosling of the Gold Coast Bulletin. You can see the photos from The Vet Lounge here and the Gold Coast Bulletin here.

May 15th
New photos of the WA litter now in the gallery.

May 6th
The latest photos of the Western Australian Finnish Lapphund litter from Watersedge Tru Magic (Zana) and Janoby All About Arvo (Zeke) for Findol Finnish Lapphunds are now in the gallery. The puppies from this litter are spoken for.

May 3rd
Watersedge had visitors today. Watersedge Black Tie N Tails (Miilo) a puppy from our last Finnish Lapphund litter from Theldaroy KissMe It's Ezy (IID) (Elke) and Grand Ch. Watersedge Alias Alesksi (IID) (Aleksi), dropped in with his human family.

Miilo's family had taken a short break on the Northern New South Wales coastline and incredibly found another Finnish Lapphund on the beach with his human father - Watersedge Black Tie Affair (Oki). Miilo and Oki are from the same litter. What an amazing coincidence!

Unfortunately there was a Dogs Qld Herding Sub-Committe meeting which I had to attend so I did not have the opportunity to catch up with Miilo myself. Fortunately he was still able to visit with his parents and relatives and I hope to be able to catch up next time.

May 1st
Watersedge is expecting a litter of Finnish Lapphunds!

We have had confirmation today that Ch. Watersedge Tru Destiny (IID) HT (Jaana) is with pups. Jaana's litter is due the first week of June. This is a very exciting time for us and we are awaiting this litter with much anticipation!