June 28th
Latest photos of Watersedge Kennel's Australian Kelpie and Finnish Lapphund puppies are now in the Photo Gallery.

Click here for the Australian Kelpie litter from Ch. Tomolga Designer Genes (Noosa),
click here for the Finnish Lapphund litter from Ch. Watersedge Tru Destiny (IID) HT (Jaana) and
click here to view  the Finnish Lapphund puppy from Ch. Theldaroy Best Example (Minka).

June 27th
News just in from Victoria that today Watersedge Secret Agent (Larry) has acheived his 1st Best of Breed; winning against some much older dogs, including his mother Ch. Janoby All About Aura (Roara) which is no mean feat! He did this in style by also taking the Best Junior in Group award in his first time in this class.

Well done Larry and congratulations to Wayne & Sue Sharp of Janoby Kennels.

June 25th
June is a very busy month for birthday's at Watersedge Kennels!

We are also celebrating the birthday for our 2nd litter of Finnish Lapphunds born to one of our "Domino" girls Ch. Theldaroy Wild Wild Ways (Chey) and Grand Ch. Watersedge Alias Aleksi (IID) (Aleksi).

Happy birthday to our girls - Ch. Watersedge Alias Anja (Sanni), Ch. Watersedge Sno White (Miia) and our boy Ch. Watersedge Sno Storm (Kustaa). Happy birthday also to Watersedge Sno Man (Tahvo) and Watersedge Sno Ball (Indy).

June 24th
Birthday celebrations again!

This time it is our baby Watersedge All About Attitude (Kati - Kati-Pie - Miss Pie's) 1st birthday. Happy birthday to all of the Finnish Lapphund puppies around the country from this litter from Ch. Janoby All About Aura (Roara) and Grand Ch. Watersedge Alias Aleksi (IID) (Aleksi).

Watersedge Secret Agent (Larry) owned by Wayne & Sue Sharp of Janoby Kennels,
Watersedge Sno Drift (Toska) owned by Gerard & Sue Burnside of Miavig Kennels,
Watersedge Top Secret (Bodhi), Watersedge All About Affection (Talvi), Watersedge All About Allure (Ella) and Watersedge Sno Belle (Shiloh-Miia).

June 22nd
Birthday celebrations for our "rescue" Australian Kelpie Watersedge Black Bear (Cody). Cody is 6 years old today. Cody is still looking for a forever home.

Many happy returns to the other puppies from this litter!

There has also been some time to finally update the photos of the current Watersedge litters. Updates of  -
Ch. Tomolga Designer Genes (Noosa's) Australian Kelpies can be found here and
Ch. Watersedge Tru Destiny (IID) HT (Jaana's) Finnish Lapphund litter can be found here and
Ch. Theldaroy Best Example (Minka's) Finnish Lapphund puppy can be found here.

June 16th
Our Australian Kelpie Ch. Watersedge Crown Jewels (CJ) is celebrating his 14th birthday today. CJ was from the very first litter of Australian Kelpies born under the Watersedge prefix.

He was a puppy who came home to live at the age of 4 1/2. His show career had been on hold since he was first shown as a Baby Puppy, but on his return he kicked it off again with a bang. CJ was retired short of attaining his Grand Champion title due to a "secret man's business" problem. He is the house male and a delight to still have around at his age.

There are also updated photos in the Photo Gallery of the latest litters of puppies to our Australian Kelpie Ch. Tomolga Designer Genes (Noosa) - click here - and our Finnish Lapphunds Ch. Watersedge Tru Destiny (IID) HT (Jaana) - click here - and Ch. Theldaroy Best Example (Minka) - click here. They are growing so fast!

June 6th
Today has been the first real opportunity we have had to chronicle the current litters.

Individual photos of Ch. Tomolga Designer Genes' (Noosa) Australian Kelpie puppies can be found in the Photo Gallery here. Our Finnish Lapphunds, Ch. Watersedge Tru Destiny (IID) HT's (Jaana) puppies can be found here and Ch. Theldaroy Best Example's (Minka) puppy can be found here.

June 5th
Ch. Watersedge Tru Destiny (IID) HT (Jaana) has had a bit of a rough time following the delivery of her Australian Record litter of Finnish Lapphund puppies on Tuesday. Jaana's labour was very long and she expended a significant amount of energy in the delivery. As a consequence she developed hypocalcaemia which was compounded by the number of puppies she was trying to feed, despite being given calcium supplementation during whelping and beyond in our normal regime.

Jaana spent yesterday at The Vet Lounge under the watchful eye of Michael Woodcock and his crack team, following collaboration in treatment with Philip Thomas from Queensland Veterinary Specialists (QVS) in Brisbane. Jaana came home in the evening and it was just like an Intensive Care Unit overnight; monitoring her IV therapy and her needs. She returned to The Vet Lounge this morning and I am very thankful to say that Jaana is on the mend and back to mothering her puppies.

Watersedge has been showing and breeding for almost 20 years and it just goes to show that you learn a new thing with every litter, just when you think you have seen it all.

We would not have had such a fortunate result if not for the surrogacy capabilities of both our Australian Kelpie Ch. Tomolga Designer Genes (Noosa) and our Finnish Lapphund Ch. Theldaroy Best Example (Minka). Both are now fostering a puppy each to decrease the burden on Jaana's calcium supplies.

Some people have said that we have had some bad luck - we think exactly the opposite. It has been such good luck that we not only have a great and "well connected" vet, but also our girls are so family oriented that they are willing to look after each others puppies when the need arises.

June 3rd
Another day, another caesarean...

Our Finnish Lapphund litter from Ch. Theldaroy Best Example (Minka) failed to progress overnight so we were given no option but for Minka to undergo a c-section. Minka has been unfortunate for 1 of her 2 babies not to survive, but has 1 gorgeous Black & Tan boy - just like "daddy". The sire is our lovely tricolour Grand Ch. Watersedge Alias Aleksi (IID) (Aleksi), Australia's first imported in dam male and the only male from this litter from Ch. Fidelis Haltiatar (imp FIN) (Taru).

This was a little surprise for us all but Minka is the most radiant mother.

June 2nd
To view the first official photos for our latest litters; Australian Kelpie - Ch. Tomolga Designer Genes (Noosa) and our Finnish Lapphund - Ch. Watersedge Tru Destiny (IID) HT (Jaana) click here for Noosa and here for Jaana.

June 1st
Officially the first day of winter and in the wee small hours of the morning our Finnish Lapphund Ch. Watersedge Tru Destiny (IID) HT (Jaana) began delivering what was to be the first of 11 puppies.

We are not sure if this is some sort of record with the Finnish Lapphund breed but it certainly is with Watersedge! The most number of puppies we have ever had were litters of 10 born to our mother/daughter Australian Kelpies Ch. Kairouban Disco Dancer (Cocoa) and Tarndrew Watch My Style. These girls were big producers with their litters, struggled a bit to get them on the ground initially but then went forward into motherhood with relish.

Jaana produced 7 girls and 4 boys. Sadly puppy no 10. (girl 6) did not make it into the world alive. We think her placenta had detached when Jaana was straining with one of the other puppies. Several hours later, she also lost another - puppy no. 2 (girl 2).

This was Watersedge's first Domino marked puppy ever. It is very sad to loose any from a litter irrespective of colour. After the effort that Jaana had put in to deliver these puppies - effectively 2 litters - it is just devastating for her.

The remainder of the puppies apart from puppy no. 11 (girl 7) who incidentally came into the world screaming are varying shades of black and tan with tricolour markings. Girl 7 is our remaining domino.

The father of this litter is none other than the Best of Breed Winner at this year's prestigious Sydney Royal Easter Show - Ch. Janoby All About Aslann (Aslann).

Aslann made a whirlwind trip to the Gold Coast on Good Friday for the weekend as part of his reward. As Jaana was in season, this was the reason that she did not attend this years show herself. We are all very pleased with the result of this match and quite obviously they are a very fertile couple!

Mother and bubs now doing well and Jaana is now settling down to motherhood.