August 29th
Some more informal shots of the Finnish Lapphund and Australian Kelpie pups were taken today. To view the Lapphunds click here and to view the Kelpies click here. There is a bit of cross over so you might like to look at both.

August 24th
Watersedge has been very lucky with our latest brush with tick paralysis. I am very pleased to say that little Harri is home again, a little quieter than usual, but he has survived. Harri was trotting around the vet surgery when I arrived to pick him up.

August 23rd
It has been a bit of a harrowing start to the week with one of our little Finnish Lapphund boys succumbing to the effects of a tick. As he had already started to show signs of paralysis, this was not a matter of wait and see and Watersedge Date With Destiny (Harri) had to be medicated with the tick serum. This is itself can be risky but especially so with a young puppy.

As usual Watersedge is indebted to Michael Woodcock of The Vet Lounge for recognising and treating Harri promptly.

There was a bit of arm twisting but Harri has been allowed to come home overnight and he will return to The Vet Lounge tomorrow for further monitoring and treatment.

August 22nd
Watersedge Destiny's Aura (Aura) from our Finnish Lapphund litter between Ch. Janoby All About Aslann (Aslann) and Ch. Watersedge Tru Destiny (IID) HT (Jaana) has gone to her new home today. Watersedge Kennels has now only one female Finnish Lapphund left to find her forever home.

The latest photos of our Finnish Lapphund puppies and Australian Kelpie puppies are now in the Photo Gallery. Click here to view the Lappies and here to view the Kelpies.

August 17th
We are all breathing a bit easier this morning following finding a tick on Theldaroy KissMe It's Ezy (IID) (Elke) yesterday. We have been lucky.....

August 16th
Today we  found a tick on Miss Elke - Theldaroy KissMe It's Ezy (IID) (Elke) and given the fact that we almost lost her to tick paralysis just on two years ago it is a bit of a nail biting time for all here at Watersedge.

It seems as though it may be a very bad season for ticks this year. This is the second tick so far that we have found on one of the adults so far!

Most of the Finnish Lapphunds have shed their winter coats - there is a "wheelie" bin full of all different coloured Lapphund fur. If only I knew someone who could spin!

August 15th
Finally some time to update the photos of the remaining Australian Kelpie and Finnish Lapphund puppies. To view the Finnish Lapphunds click here and to view the Australian Kelpies click here.

Watersedge now has 2 male Finnish Lapphunds available for adoption. They were both destined for Western Australia but as things have not worked out accordingly they are now looking for their forever homes. Watersedge is also seeking a show home for the "pick" male from the litter from Ch. Janoby All About Aslann (Aslann) and Ch. Watersedge Tru Destiny (IID) HT (Jaana).

Watersedge also has available 2 black Australian Kelpie males from Ch. Engleforest Jarrah (Jarrah) and Ch. Tomolga Designer Genes (Noosa). These 2 boys have also had some false starts and are looking for their forever homes.

August 8th
Time to catch up with friends and family. We had a visit today from Watersedge Alias Akseli (Finn) and Watersedge All About Affection (Talvi) and their human family. It is always good to share an afternoon with friends.

August 7th
A very busy time with 4 of our Finnish Lapphund puppies jetting off to new lives with their new families.

3 puppies from the litter from Ch. Janoby All About Aslann (Aslann) and Ch. Watersedge Tru Destiny (IID) HT (Jaana) have departed today. Watersedge Destined For Glory (Meeko) has set off for Adelaide; Watersedge Enchanted Destiny (Raiven) and Watersedge Sweet Destiny (Vienna) have flown to Sydney.

Our only boy from the litter between Grand Ch. Watersedge Alias Aleksi (IID) (Aleksi) and Ch. Theldaroy Best Example (Minka) has also flown to Melbourne.

We wish all of our new puppy owners a long and happy life with their new additions.

August 5th
Brisbane Royal (EKKA) day for the Finnish Lapphunds! Watersedge Kennels was represented by 3 of our girls. Ch. Watersedge Sno White (Miia), Ch. Watersedge Sno Lily (Lylli) and Ch. Watesedge Tiger Lily (Heidi) were showcased from the kennel this year. These girls are not the traditional coloured Finnish Lapphund so it was pleasing for Miia to be awarded the Reserve Challenge.

It was also pleasing as it is the first time in 12 months that Watersedge has ventured out to the show ring. It was the EKKA last year that our dogs were on display....

It is the first time ever that a cream has been awarded a place at a Royal Show. Go the blondies!

August 1st
The latest photos of our Finnish Lapphund puppies from Ch. Watersedge Tru Destiny (IID) HT (Jaana) and Ch. Theldaroy Best Example (Minka) are now in the Photo Gallery.

This may be the last occasion that we have to photograph them as they will start to depart for their new homes next weekend. They have been an absolute delight! There are still a couple of puppies available and we are looking for a show home prospect for our pick male.

Again it has been impossible to photograph our Australian Kelpie litter from Ch. Tomolga Designer Genes (Noosa) as they are never still long enough. However there are some candid shots of all of them amongst this weeks installment.

To view Jaana's litter click here and to view Minka's puppy click here.