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Apparently I come from a long line of Dog Breeders and "Fanciers".

My great grandmother on my mother’s side of the family showed and bred Dalmatians in the 30’s and 40’s. She was a very successful exhibitor at the Sydney Royal Easter Show on numerous occasions during this time. My grandmother on my father’s kept and bred working Australian Kelpies before I was born. Maybe its’ in the blood; I don’t know whether this had an impact on my choice of dog, but I can’t imagine life without a Kelpie in it.

During my very early childhood I was introduced to domestic and livestock. Our neighbour to our left, "Ned" Kelly, was a drover and worked with livestock at the Homebush/Flemington saleyards. There were always several sheep next door. To the back of us lived Norm Moon and his family. Norm raised and raced Greyhounds and bred Welsh Corgi Pembroke. My first dog as a child was a Corgi (Sharyn - with a "Y") who came to us via a friend of Norm. To the right of us was Mrs Bull and her daughter Esther, who was vet nurse and often brought home injured wild and domestic animals to care for.
Having spent most of my early life in Sydney and the Central Coast of NSW, in December 1988 my family relocated to the Gold Coast, QLD. Prior to being owned by Australian Kelpies and Finnish Lapphunds, I was involved with horses – Arabians and Australian Stock Horses. I spent many hours riding the trails and national parks in both states. The Quilty buckle remains elusive but you never know what is around the corner!

In the December of 1993, I suffered the loss of my faithful old black Kelpie male to cancer. Nugget had been my constant companion, riding partner and best friend for more than 10 years. The emptiness of not having a canine companion saw me looking for a new four legged character to share my life and in the January of the following year, over the Australia Day weekend, I obtained a red male Kelpie pup by the name of Ginger Meggs.

Ringbarka Ginger Meggs was my first “show” dog and I feel truly blessed to have been given the opportunity of spending such a large part of my life with such a remarkable dog. The success that Ginger Meggs attained was amazing. From such humble beginnings, Ginger Meggs would be the second (by only a matter of a couple of weeks) Australian Kelpie in Queensland to be awarded the title of Australian Grand Champion.

Watersedge expanded a few months later with the arrival of his sister Ringbarka Gemma (Gemma). Further down the track Nellarou Picnic Racer (Nicki) and Kairouban Waters’ Sprite (Hailea) came to live with us. All of these girls went on to gain their Australian Champion titles, make their mark in the show ring and produce some lovely puppies.

So began Watersedge Kelpies.

In 2002, I became captivated by a new breed to be introduced to Australia – the Finnish Lapphund. I acquired Theldaroy Wild Not Me (Laani). Again I have been truly lucky to have had such an outstanding specimen of the breed to campaign in the show ring. Laani made her mark in the show ring with countless awards over the years and also achieved her Australian Grand Champion title. Laani has been an absolute delight to be saluted as the first of the Watersedge Finnish Lapphunds.

Later, her sister Theldaroy Best Example (Minka), from the second Theldaroy litter, joined the team before I decided to import for myself.

The result of this decision was Fidelis Haltiatar (imp FNL) (Taru) and her brood. Taru was the first Finnish Lapphund bitch to be imported in whelp and produced 6 puppies from this litter. Thank you to Eeva Niemi (Fidelis Kennels) and Katja Rantanen (Ruskahallan Kennels) for their help in making this dream come true.

The second Watersedge Finnish Lapphund litter surpassed all of my hopes. Born to Theldaroy Wild Wild Ways (Chey) and Watersedge Alias Aleksi (IID) (Aleksi), this litter produced the first cream puppies to be born in Australia.

This is just the beginning for Watersedge Finnish Lapphunds.

Watersedge Finnish Lapphunds are campaigned along with the Australian Kelpies and can be seen out on most weekends. Aside from their show ring commitments, obedience and herding have been added to the repertoire as time permits.

Watersedge Kelpies have appeared in many forms of media – we have produced “stars” of the small screen for television series and commercials as well as for printed material (Watersedge Kentucky Derby - Jai). A Watersedge Kelpie (Watersedge Rumbacardi - Bundy) was the centre of the Brisbane MMM radio campaign in the “name the dog” competition in the early 2000’s. Ginger Meggs has made a guest appearance in a children’s book (Dusty the Sheepdog).

Watersedge Lapphunds were featured in the Courier Mail supplement for the EKKA (Royal Queensland Show) in 2006 and will make their debut in print media in the near future.

ALL of the dogs at Watersedge are health screened for hip/elbow dysplasia and PRA.
We are a PRA free kennel.

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