September 30th
This time Aus. Ch. Theldaroy Best Example (Minka) has had a tick discovered on her, albeit a rather sickly one. Where will this end! Minka is also OK.

With another veterinary issue it does not bode well for our Australian Kelpie Ch. Watersedge Sweet Melody (Melody). She underwent surgery today for a lesion in her throat.

The biopsy confirms that is a Squamous Cell Carcinoma and from the position can be a very aggressive tumour if it returns. Unfortunately due to the position it was not possible to remove it all.

It is now just a question of time for my lovely old girl.

September 29th
Watersedge Private Collection (Ivy-Rose) is very lucky today to be celebrating her 3rd Birthday. She is very lucky to have made it through the last 24 hours.

Happy Birthday Baby Rose and Happy Birthday Baby Gail (Abby) aka Watersedge Designer Label.

Yet another tick discovered this morning. This time on another of our Australian Kelpies, Watersedge Maranoa (Marnie).

She is lucky that it was discovered early and that the collar may have prevented the situation from becoming worse.

September 28th
A third one of our dogs has been found with a paralysis tick!

Watersedge Private Collection (Ivy-Rose) is in a serious condition. She has also been hospitalised with paralysis in her hind quarters and difficulty swallowing.

This is very, very disturbing as the ticks are in our house yard. The dogs have not been allowed in the paddocks since Beyonce's scare earlier this week. We are going to have to be more vigilant than ever as this is the worst season by far that we have experienced in the last 20 or so years.

September 25th
It is going to be a very bad season with paralysis ticks.

To add to the paralysis tick that Aus. Ch. Watersedge Destiny's Child (Beyonce) had earlier this week, another of our Finnish Lapphunds, Aus. Ch. Watersedge Tiger Lily (Heidi) has also had one of these nasty things attached to her. Fortunately it seems that it has not had time to envenomate her.

However we will have to keep a watchful eye on her. All of the dogs are now sporting tick collars as apparently this won't be a "once off".

September 24th
Today marks the anniversary of the arrival of our second imported Finnish Lapphund Ch. Herding Instinct's Herra Watersedge (imp SWE) (Markku). It seems like a lifetime ago but then again only yesterday. Love that boy!

Also at our first outing in a while, our Finnish Lapphund Watersedge All About Attitude was awarded Best of Breed at today's show and our Australian Kelpie Watersedge Maranoa a not to shabby Bitch Challenge and Runner Up Best of Breed.

September 22nd
The first paralysis tick of the season award goes to .... BEYONCE!

This is going to be a very bad season. Aus. Ch. Watersedge Destiny's Child (Beyonce) has been hospitalised at the Vet Lounge and has had the tick antiserum.

Tick paralysis can be too unpredictable and we certainly don't wish to take any chances with them.

September 17th
Another of our Finnish Lapphund puppies from the litter between Aus. Ch. Herding Instinct's Herra Watersedge (Imp SWE) (Markku) and Theldaroy KissMe It's Ezy (IID Fin) (Elke) has flown off to his new life in South Australia, finally today, after having his flight cancelled at the 11th hour yesterday.

Watersedge Giorgio Armani (Klaus) has been adopted by a family who I am sure will soon be wrapped around his (not so) little paws.

September 10th
The last female puppy from our litter between Aus. Ch. Herding Instinct's Herra Watersedge (Imp SWE) (Markku) and Theldaroy KissMe It's Ezy (IID Fin) (Elke) has flown to Sydney today.

Watersedge Nina Ricci (Prada) has gone an extended holiday to Toujour Kennels.

Many thanks to Melissa De Matos and Brian Borg for opening their home to Prada. I am sure she is going to have a great time and learn lots of new things.