Taru is the essence of what a Finnish Lapphund should be. I could not believe my luck to acquire such a lovely bitch as she and I must thank her breeder – Eeva Niemi of Fidelis Kennels in Finland for allowing me the pleasure of having her come to Australia. Not only is she a ravishing beauty, she is the most genetically sound female of the breed to arrive in this country.

Taru arrived on the show scene and gave my others a run for their money! She is correct to the breed standard in every possible way and her style has won for her many show awards.

She is lovely tricolour sable bitch with the sweetest and softest of natures. She also has the distinctive spectacle markings coveted by most breeders.

Taru came to Australia with a precious cargo on board. Six pups – 1 male and 5 female, born in quarantine over the Easter period 2005. This was the first imported in dam litter for Australia. All of these pups have proven to be as stunning and sound as their mother.

Taru has adapted to life in Australia well considering her heritage. Summers will find her cooling off in the dams or the pool. She is an amazing swimmer, which is not usual for this breed.

View her 2005 litter

Sire : Fidelis Sanansaattaja (FNL) S: FNL. Ch. Ikimuiston Eversti Könönen (FNL) S: Risukarhin Gairi (FNL)
D: Ikimuiston Almmirievda (FNL)
D: Fidelis Jäätar (FNL) S: Fidelis Yasso (FNL)
D: Tjuorri (FNL)
Dam : Saana (FNL) S: Fidelis Fedja (FNL) S: Miehtebiekka Fidelis (FNL)
D: Daragoj Loru (FNL)
D: Fidelis Össiina (FNL) S: FNL. Ch. Kiedalas Cerrih (FNL)
D: Fidelis Kleopatra (FNL)