Elke is from the second imported in dam litter. Her mother – Angel – arrived in quarantine with babies on board the day that Taru was released with her brood.

Elke is a replica of her mother. She has exceptionally good conformation. She is a typey example of the breed – very hard to put into words but once you see it you know what I am talking about. She is very lovable and soft natured.

She is mostly black in colour with tan markings on her hocks and feet which gives the impression that she has been wading in mud in high heeled black boots! Apart from this, there is a sprinkling of “silver” through her tail feathering and two tiny white marks on her chest and chin. Her coat is magnificent; lush and full.

Whilst not a keen participant in the dog showing arena, she is growing more confident as the time passes.


Sire : Fidelis Esaias (FNL) S: Taapanterin Jumbo (FNL) S: Nutukas Jessejames (FNL)
D: Peänu Emergarde (FNL)
D: Fidelis Yanita (FNL) S: Shacal Loitsu (FNL)
D: Kievraduv’va Tundra (FNL)
Dam : Aust. Ch. Fidelis Gratia Finnica (imp FNL) S: FNL. Ch. Fidelis Waeltaja (FNL) S: Tuiskuturkin Armas-Kasperi (FNL)
D: FNL. Ch. Fidelis Gloria (FNL)
D: Tiilitehtaan Fidelis (FNL) S: FNL. Ch. Kultasilmä Putte (FNL)
D: Lumiturpa Kullannuppu (FNL)