May 30th
I received a rather unusual text message last night from someone I didn't know. It seems that "Yvette' has been looking at the Watersedge Kennels website and located me because she has the brother to one of my girls.

Nothing special? Well Rove - Tarndrew Settn The Pace - is a litter brother to my long departed Dani - Tarndrew Watch My Style - and he just happens to be still going well at 17 years young. That's right - 17!!

Photo by Yvette

Both of these Australian Kelpies were from the only Kelpie litter bred under the Tarndrew prefix by Tania Riek and Andrew Davidson.

This litter was from Ch. Kairouban Flashy Black (Flash) and Ch. Kairouban Disco Dancer (Cocoa). Both of these Kelpies eventually made Watersedge their home and both lived until the ripe old age of 15. Dani unfortunately left us way to early at the age of 7.

I am very happy to hear that Rove is still going strong. He was a lovely dog in his youth and just unfortunate that he did not achieve his Australian Championship title.

May 23rd
After a few sleepless nights for Miia and myself, she has finally delivered today via caesarean section.

It was just in time as it could very well have been an unfortunate outcome.

Miia has 8 puppies - 4 males and 4 females. They are big puppies with the smallest weighing in at 380g and the largest at 440g!

Photo by Melissa De Matos

Photo by Melissa De Matos

It was no wonder Miia was having some difficulty. Miia was weighed for the anaesthetic on her way into surgery and also when we were leaving. She had dropped a whopping 6+kg with the puppies, placentas and fluid.

We are finally home, Miia is still a bit out to it from the anaesthetic and pain medication but she and the puppies are settling and the babies are sucking well.

It has been a big day!

May 19th
Happy 11th Birthday wishes to my very special red pocket rocket Australian Kelpie Ch. Watersedge Georgie Girl (George). Every year I can't believe how lucky I have been to have a such a doll as George in my life.

May 16th
Miia watched eagerly this afternoon as her whelping box was moved into position. She has had a "test lie" and seems very happy now.

Fingers and paws crossed now for smooth sailing and puppies by this time next week!