July 31st
After another very long day, Zorro the Standardbred has finally arrived from Queensland. He has been on the road all day and was very happy to be unloaded from the transport float, even if it was 1:30 in the morning. I am very pleased to see my boy and I hope he likes living in NSW!

July 28th
A very early morning rise for our trip to Sydney. 5 of the puppies from Watersedge Under SouthernCross (Sven) and Ch. Watersedge Sno White (Miia) went off on flights today and 2 will remain in the Sydney. The day was not without it's dramas. Watersedge Moonraker (Toivo's) flight closed early and we were forced to wait for the next available flight to Perth. This made for a very long and stressful day.

Watersedge Halleys Comet (Comet), Watersedge Star Voyager (Aslan) and Watersedge Shooting Star (Assaj) all made the flight on time to Melbourne to their new families.

Watersedge Over the Rainbow (Alina) also had her flight cancelled and was finally on a plane to Brisbane 2 hours later.

Due to the delay with the Perth flight, Watersedge Super Nova (Jesse's) and Watersedge Eagle Has Landed (Elkie's) new parents came to the airport to collect their new charges. All worked out in the end but it was a very long intense day.

Not impressed with the way things were handled in Sydney airport. Never had any of these issues in Brisbane.

Watersedge Sno White (Miia) was very relieved when I arrived home with 1 of her puppies in tow. Watersedge When Worlds Collide (Possum) will be staying with Watersedge as part of our show team.

I look forward to presenting this little girl as she is a knockout!

July 27th
Another big day for Ch. Watersedge Sno White (Miia's) puppies. Eye examinations and all passed with flying colours.

Another big day tomorrow with all but one off to new homes!

July 18th
Puppies big day out! Off to the vet for their initial vaccinations.

Very busy and interesting time for them exploring new things to chew in the vets consultation room but they were all doted on by the vet nurses. They were all pleased to see the puppies that they helped bring into the world.