December 28th
Last but not least Happy 7th Birthday to my Australian Kelpie boy Ch. Engleforest Jarrah (Jarrah). Jarrah has now turned 7 and is considered a veteran. It seems no one has told him.

December 26th
Happy 12th birthday to my Snoosy aka Noosa (Ch. Tomolga Designer Genes). Noos is now my eldest, constant shadow and bed warmer.

December 24th
Happy 11th Birthday to my Finnish Lapphund twins Grand Ch. Theldaroy Wild Not Me (Laani) and Ch. Theldaroy Wild Wild Ways (Chey). Yes it is hard to believe that they are now 11 years young.

It has been a big year for us all. I am very pleased that Laani can claim to be the original Watersedge Finnish Lapphund. I am also pleased that she survived a recent illness to be celebrating this milestone today.

It is not the best of photos but it shows just how close these two really are.

December 14th
12 months ago today, the relocation of Watersedge to New South Wales became a reality. How time flies!

December 12th
Christmas has come early for me this year.

My Princess is home today having suffered an illness last week which manifested in an unusual presentation for pancreatitis. Laani became ill last Friday with a temp of 40.0. By Saturday it was up to 40.3 but her blood results didn't necessarily confirm pancreatitis.

Laani's temp rose further to 41.0 on Sunday and she was admitted to hospital. Blood drawn on Monday substantiated the initial diagnosis.

An ultrasound confirmed the inflammation but also precluded a tumour as the cause. She gradually responded to treatment and yesterday after I left her she became very vocal which was a very good sign.

She was able to eat this morning and was waiting at the reception desk with the vet nurses when I came for her.

My enduring thanks to Sue Harvey, John Dooley and Peter Rourke of the Wingham and Valley Vet Surgery for looking after my Princess and fixing her.

Pancreatitis is usually caused from intake of fatty food or excess of alcohol. As Laani doesn't eat fatty food I guess I will have to be watching her alcohol consumption from now on...

December 10th
Grand Ch. Theldaroy Wild Not Me (Laani) remains seriously ill. Due to the predisposing conditions which usually precipitate pancreatitis and the fact that none fit Laani, it was decided to perform an ultrasound. Fortunately there was no tumour detected and we now just wait to see if Laani responds to treatment.

I am so worried for my princess.

December 9th
Grand Ch. Theldaroy Wild Not Me (Laani) has become more ill and has been admitted to the vet hospital. The diagnosis is now pancreatitis albeit an unusual presentation. She is currently recieving fluids and her condition is very serious.

December 7th
My Princess is not well! Grand Ch. Theldaroy Wild Not Me (Laani) has had a vet visit today with an extremely high temperature. Provisional diagnosis is unclear but she is home with me and we are hoping the antibiotics fix what is wrong.