Katja – or “Kitten” – as she is affectionately known, is my most precious gift. She is from Taru’s litter; the first imported in dam litter to Australia.

She is extremely elegant, though finer in features than her sister Jaana. This still equates to a dazzling example of a Finnish Lapphund female. Katja has the most perfect definition between her black and white markings. She has the most exquisite expression of all of my Lapphund girls.

The most outgoing of all of my females, she is the first in the car when the door is opened! She loves to be in the show ring, plays up to the crowd and has won many hearts with other exhibitors from her antics and animation.

She will make her debut in the obedience ring soon with a very good friend of mine and will also be trying out herding – now that she knows what to do with a sheep.

Sire: FNL. Ch. LTU. Ch. Fidelis Alias Amicus (FNL) S: Lap-Sak Hanslankari (FNL) S: Aapo (FNL)
D: Taapanterin Tuputar (FNL)
D: FNL. Ch. RUS. Ch. Fidelis Rosetti (FNL) S: FNL. Ch. Tottituvan Kaamos (FNL)
D: Raiddokas Jalla (SWD)
Dam: Aust. Ch. Fidelis Haltiatar (imp FNL) S: Fidelis Sanansaattaja (FNL) S: FNL. Ch. Ikimuiston Eversti Könönen (FNL)
D: Fidelis Jäätar (FNL)
D: Saana (FNL) S: Fidelis Fedja (FNL)
D: Fidelis Össiina (FNL)