CH Nellarou Picnic Racer CH Nellarou Picnic Racer CH Nellarou Picnic Racer

Nicki, our only Nellarou bitch was one of our shining stars. She was obtained to compliment the breeding program that was envisaged for Watersedge Kelpies. She, along with Hailea, introduced around the same time, formed the foundation for Ginger Meggs’ side of the dynasty.

Nicki was an extremely attractive Kelpie bitch. She had extraordinarily good conformation and covered the ground as if she was floating. Her presence was amazing and she was often referred to as “Elle McKelpie” due to her elegance and poise. The brilliance of her coat shone like glass and always attracted comments from judges and other exhibitors.

From the very beginning she excelled in the show ring and was always a front runner.

She obtained many show awards in her time, during an era when there was very stiff competition.

Right up until the end she appeared as she had during the time she was shown – a magnificent specimen of the breed. Nicki’s loss was a shock to us. She suffered several seizures and was taken from us so suddenly. She was dearly loved and is sadly missed.

CH Nellarou Picnic Racer CH Nellarou Picnic Racer CH Nellarou Picnic Racer

Sire : Nellarou The Whistler S: Pavesi Napsack S: Pavesi Tambarra
D: Pavesi My Tammy
D: Nellarou Jupiter S: Portessa Brahn
D: Kejeroo Acacia
Dam : Aust. Ch. Kairouban Cuppatea S: Aust. Ch. Kairouban Outback Jack S: Aust. Ch. Redgum Cyclone
D: Aust. Ch. Kairouban Kynuna
D: Aust. Ch. Nellarou Lady Jewel S: Portessa Brahn
D: Nellarou Miss Minute