Jarrah is a welcome addition to the Australian Kelpie showing/breeding program for Watersedge. Following in the wake of the necessity of having CJ castrated after a cancer scare, Jarrah is the new prospect for the continuation of this branch of the kennel.

He is from the first Engleforest litter and his pedigree contains many of the dogs who I have known over the years and who I have myself envied and appreciated. He is a great grandson of Flash and Gemma and also a great, great nephew of Hailea. I am very impressed by the mingling of the lines in this ancestry.

Jarrah is a handsome young chocolate male. He is a typical exemplar of the Kelpie physique at itís best, displaying a lovely deep chest and good angulation all around. He has a cheeky expression, erect ears and almond shaped eyes which are lacking in a number of the breed today.

He is extremely outgoing as is the nature of the Kelpie. Self-assured and intelligent he is very precocious for his age.

Jarrah is proving himself in the show ring. He has achieved at his young age a number of Class in Group Awards.

He adjusted to life at Watersedge with nary a whimper and has blended in with both Kelpies and Lapphunds.

View his progeny here, here and here.

Sire : Ozikel Jackaroo S: Aust. Ch. Kairouban King Gee S: Aust. Ch. Kairouban Outback Jack
D: Aust. Ch. Nellarou Lady Jewel
D: Watersedge Riverdance S: Aust. Ch. Kairouban Flashy Black
D: Aust. Ch. Ringbarka Gemma
Dam : Jakupa Scrap S: Nellarou Der Red Dog S: Aust. Ch. Nellarou Buddy Holly ET
D: Nellarou Wiggle Works ET HSBs HDTI
D: Jakupa Lillipilly S: Aust. Ch. Jakupa Candy Man
D: Kairouban Painted Red