CH Kairouban Waters' Sprite CH Kairouban Waters' Sprite CH Kairouban Waters' Sprite

Hailea (brown bear or brownie) was the first of the Kairouban dogs to make Watersedge their home. It was due to a passing comment that I was able to gain this lovely girl to be one of my originals.

Hailea was the most gorgeous brown baby puppy; she had the most endearing nature. She had some setbacks along the way which interfered with her show career.

She suffered a bite from an Eastern Brown snake as a young puppy and her life was further complicated a few months later when she went under a car wheel in the driveway of our home, fracturing her hind leg.

These impediments did not alter her temperament. She was the most lovable of all of the girls to grace Watersedge.

Hailea did not attain her Australian Champion title until late in life. The acquisition of this was all the more prized because of the difficult road that she had travelled to get to this point.

It was devastating that her life was cut short. We had hoped that Hailea would grow old gracefully but this was not to be. She was taken from us too soon. We still miss her and think of her every day that passes.

CH Kairouban Waters' Sprite

Sire : Aust. Ch. Pinjaroo Lloyds Wish S: Aust. Ch. Kairouban Outback Jack S: Aust. Ch. Redgum Cyclone
D: Aust. Ch. Kairouban Kynuna
D: Kejeroo Emma Peel S: Aust. Ch. Kejeroo Jarrah
D: Aust. Ch. NZ Ch. Kairouban Dreamtime
Dam : Aust. Ch. Nellarou Lady Jewel S: Portessa Brahn S: Aust. Ch. Kairouban Outback Jack
D: Ronerin Zetta
D: Nellarou Miss Minute S: Kairouban Red Adair
D: Kejeroo Acacia