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With so many girls to choose from with Ch. Fidelis Haltiatar's (Taru) IID litter, which girls to keep and which girls to let out of the kennel was quite a dilemma.

I am very happy to say that, having been "let out", Sylvi has returned home again to a loving reception.

She has taken to the show ring with ease, earning her Australian Championship title in just over 2 months, with many Best of Breeds and a class in Group prize along the way.

Sylvi has very dark features compared to her sisters Katja and Jaana and brother Aleksi. She has an exquisite head and lovely conformation. As a baby she had adorable ermine markings on her feet.

She has certainly not disappointed with maturity! With a temperament to match, she is an exceptional asset to our kennel and breeding program.

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Sire : FNL. Ch. LTU. Ch. Fidelis Alias Amicus (FNL) S: Lap-Sak Hanslankari (FNL) S: Aapo (FNL)
D: Taapanterin Tuputar (FNL):
D: FNL. Ch. RUS. Ch. Fidelis Rosetti (FNL) S: FNL. Ch. Tottituvan Kaamos (FNL)
D: Raiddokas Jalla (SWD)
Dam : Aust. Ch. Fidelis Haltiatar (imp FNL) S: Fidelis Sanansaattaja (FNL) S: FNL. Ch. Ikimuiston Eversti Könönen (FNL)
D: Fidelis Jäätar (FNL)
D: Saana (FNL) S: Fidelis Fedja (FNL)
D: Fidelis Össiina (FNL)


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