December 31st
Watersedge Unique Design (Ziggy), at 3 months and 2 days of age participated in his first show tonight. He was a very well behaved young man and was awarded his first Australian Kelpie Baby Puppy of Breed. He was watched on the sidelines by his half brother Watersedge Flashy Black (Flashy).
A safe and prosperous 2009 from all at Watersedge Kennels.

December 25th
Merry Christmas to all - 4 legged and 2 legged alike! May we,against all odds, remember the true meaning of Christmas.

December 24th
It hardly seems possible but we are celebrating a birthday today for the "twins". My very first Finnish Lapphund - Grand Ch. Theldaroy Wild Not Me (Laani) and Ch. Theldaroy Wild Wild Ways (Chey) - who joined the Watersedge clan later in the piece - have turned 7! This means that they are now "veterans". They are both still as playful as when they arrived. Many happy returns girls and many more to come.

December 21st
The last of our Australian Kelpie pups and the last of Ch. Watersedge Evening Star's (Evie) boys is also off to his new home. Watersedge Flashy Black will also be seen in the Agility and Herding disciplines when he is old enough. This litter of pups was truly a gift for Watersedge and for Evie. We will miss them dreadfully but Evie will have the occasional visit from her babies!

December 20th
The second girl from Ch. Watersedge Evening Star's (Evie) litter is off to her new home. Watersedge Evening Shadow will be seen out in the Obedience/Agility and Herding arenas in the future. It is also eagerly anticipated that there will be a daughter from Evening Shadow to grace the paddocks of Watersedge in the future.

December 14th
The first of Ch. Watersedge Evening Star's (Evie) girls has gone to her new home. Watersedge Evening Mist will be a much loved family member and already has her new family wrapped around her little paws.

December 7th
It seems all too soon but the first our solid colour Australian Kelpie pups and the first of Watersedge Evening Star's (Evie) litter of pups - Watersedge Australian Son - is off to his new home. He already knows the lie of the land and is living the life of Riley!

November 31st

Vale Watersedge Forever Amber (Scruffy). This lovely girl was a very much loved family member for Fran Waterson and her family in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. She was a little girl from our very first Australian Kelpie litter. She is survived by her mother Ch. Ringbarka Gemma (Gemma) and her litter mates Ch. Watersedge Crown Jewels (CJ) and Watersedge Peridot (Dottie) (owned by Robert & Sandra Bryde). Scruff now has pride of place on Fran's mantlepiece. Gone but not forgotten, Rest In Peace little one.

November 30th

Go team! It seems that I have a bit of star in the midst; more than ably handled by an up and coming child handler! For a back to back win (albeit from different classes), again our Finnish Lapphund Watersedge Sno Lily (Lylli) handled by Olivia Wong, is awarded Puppy in Group, having eclipsed her father - Grand Ch. Watersedge Alias Aleksi (IID) (Aleksi) and several others - for the Best of Breed!

November 29th
Watersedge Sno Lily (Lylli) continues her winning streak with another Junior in Group win - handled again to this acheivement by Olivia Wong of Elkana Kennels.
The first of our two toned Australian Kelpie pups from Ch. Tomolga Designer Genes (Noosa) is off to his new home with Corinne Chandler, who is the chief instructor with Ipswich Obedience Club. Watersedge Unique Design (Ziggy) will make his debut on the Show scene on New Years Eve. He will also be out competing in Obedience/Agility and Herding in the future. Best wishes for his anticipated success.

November 28th
"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday darling Teddy Bear, Happy Birthday to you!" Watersedge has reached a milestone with Ch. Ringbarka Gemma (Gemma) reaching the ripe old age of 15. Gemma is our matriarch Australian Kelpie. Gemma has been my "Teddy Bear" for such a long time and she has always been the "special" one. I cannot imagine life without her. It is something I don't like to think about. I wish her many more to come.

November 15th
Yet another accolade for our Finnish Lapphund Watersedge Sno Lily (Lylli) by being awarded another Junior in Group prize.

November 8th

A fantastic day for Watersedge Kennels with yet another GRAND CHAMPION TITLE acheived - this one by CH. Watersedge Alias Aleksi (IID) (Aleksi). Leks is the first Finnish Lapphund that has been campaigned to this acheivement by Watersedge Kennels who bears the Watersedge prefix. To say that I am very proud is an understatement! He is also the first IID puppy to acheive this honor. Aleksi has been a pleasure to campaign and this certainly won't be the last that is seen of him!
His progeny are following in his pawsteps with yet another award also for Watersedge Sno Lily (Lylli) - having been awarded Puppy in Group.
Today's acheivements have been the only silver lining for what appears to have been very heavy cloud cover for the last few weeks.

November 4th
It seems that we go from joy to heartbreak at Watersedge. My Australian Kelpie - Flashy Handsome Boy (Ch. Kairouban Flashy Black) passed over the Rainbow Bridge today. He would have reached the age of 15 on the 15th November. It was very sudden and relatively unexpected given his age. This time words cannot express my grief in losing such a remarkable dog. If Ginger Meggs was the love of my life then Flashy was my sunshine - he always made me smile.

October 24th
By the grace of God and the skill and professionalism of GCARE (Gold Coast Animal Referral and Emergency), our Finnish Lapphund, Theldaroy KissMe It's Ezy (IID) (Elke) is finally allowed home after what seems an eternity. Elke's condition had deteriorated so badly last Sunday night that it was feared that she would not live through this ordeal. Elke developed aspiration pneumonia as a result of the tick paralysis' affect on her digestive and respiratory systems. It is in itself a life threatening condition. This coupled with the other symptoms of her tick paralysis made for one very sick puppy. Elke was placed on life support and spent several days in Intensive Care. Her beautiful coat had to be removed to ensure that there were no other ticks on her body. As her condition had deteriorated so rapidly it was feared that there may have been more causing this deterioration. Let me tell you that a "bald" Lapphund is a very unusual sight. I am very grateful for the honesty of this Veterinary Practice regarding Elke's prognosis. They even let me visit when it was thought that this may be the end of the road for Elke. Words cannot express the gratitude that I feel for all that was done for Elke during this time.

October 19th
On a very sad note, Theldaroy KissMe It's Ezy (IID) (Elke) is admitted to GCARE (Gold Coast Animal Referral and Emergency) in the very early hours of the morning with tick paralysis. It is unknown whether she will be OK.
On a bright note, Watersedge Sno Lily (Lylli) is awarded not 1, but 2 Best of Breeds at the Working Dog Club of Qld's 3 shows - the 3rd by Ch. Watersedge Alias Aleksi (IID) (Aleksi). To top this off, Lylli is also awarded Puppy in Show at 1 of these shows as well. A very big congratulations to Olivia Wong for her handling skills in taking Lylli to this award. I must also thank Ellie, Cyanea and Olivia Wong for taking my Lappies and showing them for the day. Very much appreciated guys under the circumstances...

October 18th
Yet another great day for Watersedge with our Finnish Lapphund Ch. Watersedge Alias Aleksi (IID) (Aleksi) being awarded Australian Bred in Group.

October 11th

Another "Daily Double" with both a Finnish Lapphund and an Australian Kelpie - Watersedge Tiger Lily (Heidi) and Ch. Engleforest Jarrah (Jarrah) - being awarded a Class in Group - Heidi with Minor Puppy in Group and Jarrah with Intermediate in Group.
A very pleasing result with what seems to be becoming a consistent event!
October 3rd
October has seen us off to a good start with Ch. Watersedge Evening Star (Evie) producing 4 more lovely puppies. Again by caesarean section, we have been blessed with another fabulous litter of Australian Kelpies - one black male, one black female, one red male and one red female. An absolutely wonderful gift for what will be Evie's first and last litter.

September 29th
As if the month could not be any better for Watersedge, Ch. Tomolga Designer Genes (Noosa) has delivered 3 gorgeous Australian Kelpie pups by ceasarean section - one black and tan girl just like her mother, one red and tan girl and one red and tan boy. I am absolutely ecstatic about this lovely litter. Mother and babies doing well.

September 27th
If last month we took home the "Daily Double" then this month was the "Trifecta" with two of our Finnish Lapphunds and one of our Australian Kelpies.
Ch. Watersedge Alias Aleksi (IID) (Aleksi) is awarded Runner-Up In Group - this in itself an outstanding achievement! The judges comment "it was not an easy decision to make between Best and Runner-Up". Watersedge Tiger Lily (Heidi) is then awarded Minor Puppy in Group - the judges comment "when you're on a good thing - stick to it!" and then Ch. Engleforest Jarrah (Jarrah) is awarded Intermediate in Group. A fantastic effort of which I am very proud. Thank you to all fellow exhibitors who clapped and cheered for the Lapphunds and the Kelpie.

September 20th
Today is Ch. Watersedge Alias Aleksi's (IID) (Aleksi) time to shine having been awarded Open in Group. The judge was heard to comment "I considered the Finnish Lapphund for the Group".
Today is also the day that Watersedge Tiger Lily (Heidi) is off the blocks towards her Australian Champion title by gaining her first challenge points. I am sure they will be the first of many!

September 6th
Following on from last weeks success, our Finnish Lapphund Ch. Watersedge Tru Destiny (IID) (Jaana) was again out and about for Watersedge. For a very nice back to back win, Jaana is awarded another Australian Bred in Group.

August 30th
Watersedge Tiger Lily (Heidi) is on the winners podium today, having been awarded Minor Puppy in Group. Not to be outdone by her young niece, Ch. Watersedge Tru Destiny (IID) (Jaana) also was out there representing Watersedge, bringing home the Australian Bred in Group award. It was a nice "Daily Double" for the Finnish Lapphunds.

August 10th
Watersedge Sno Lily (Lylli) is again flying the Watersedge flag high, having been awarded Champion Puppy of Breed (Finnish Lapphund) at just over 7 months of age, at the Brisbane Royal Show. Way to go Lylli!! - admirably handled by Ellie Wong of Elkana Border Collies.

July 27th
Ch. Watersedge Tru Destiny (IID) (Jaana) becomes the second of the Watersedge Finnish Lapphunds to gain her HIC (Herding Instinct Certificate). Again a Watersedge Finnish Lapphund is given the Judges encouragement award.

July 26th
Watersedge Sno Lily (Lylli) is off to a flying start with her first challenge points. I believe that the judge had a hard decision to make between a very young puppy and an older dog for Best of Breed Finnish Lapphund!

July 18th
Following on from his win in June, Ch. Engleforest Jarrah (Jarrah), our Australian Kelpie is awarded Best Intermediate in Group.

July 13th
Ch. Fidelis Haltiatar (imp FNL) (Taru) becomes the first from Watersedge Kennels to obtain her HIC (Herding Instinct Certificate). She did this in style by being awarded the Judges choice/ encouragement prize. She is the first of our Finnish Lapphunds to make her debut in the herding arena. It is fascinating to see the difference in how Lappies work livestock compared to the Kelpies.

June 20th
Ch. Engleforest Jarrah (Jarrah), our Australian Kelpie is awarded Best Junior in Group at his last show at the Junior level.

June 11th
The last of our Finnish Lapphund girls to leave home has jetted her way to Sydney. It is a very special send off as Watersedge Alias Aliisa (Lizzie) will be a Finnish Lapphund in the true sense of the word. She has had the good fortune to be adopted by a Finnish family and will undoubtedly become fluent in the Finnish language. Her new family were so very excited to have a native Finnish dog and I am sure they will not be disappointed! I am so pleased that all of the pups from this Finnish Lapphund litter have been placed in such exceptional homes.
It has also been a very trying day. After much deliberation, Ch. Articmal Able To Achieve (Jaari) has also left Watersedge for his new life. Due to his prcd-PRA carrier status, the decision was made not to utilise him in our breeding program. He has gone back to his state of origin (Victoria) and will be a very much loved family dog for his new owner. This decision was not made lightly but was made in Jaari's best interests so that he may experience more of a one on one relationship of which he is so very deserving. I will miss this fluffy little man so much and wish him and his "new mother" the very best.

June 1st

Ch. Watersedge Sno Storm (Kustaa), our cream male Finnish Lapphund (aka blondie), having been on vacation, comes back to the show ring with a Best Intermediate in Group award.

May 25th
Watersedge Sno White (Miia) obtains the final points needed for her Australian Championship title. She is the first cream female Finnish Lapphund to achieve this in Australia.

May 2nd
After a very brief period on the Queensland circuit, our Finnish Lapphund Watersedge Tru Diamond (IID) (Sylvi) obtains the points required for her Australian Championship title. She has achieved this over a two month period from points gained in Queensland. You go girl!!

April 27th
Yet another Best of Breed for our Finnish Lapphund Watersedge Tru Diamond (IID) (Sylvi).

April 6th
The first of our girls from our last Finnish Lapphund litter has now gone to her new home. Watersedge Ginger Lilly (Mya) will be keeping company with one of our Australian Kelpies from our second litter, Watersedge Gunsmoke (Smokey) and a Siberian Husky by the name of Zaphira.

April 5th
Once again our Australian Kelpie Engleforest Jarrah (Jarrah) is awarded Best Junior in Group, and along with the Dog Challenge and Best of Breed, now has the final points required for his Australian Championship title!

March 25th
Miavig Kennels - Sue and Gerard Burnside welcomes their litter of five Finnish Lapphund puppies born to Ch. Miavig Finnish Dream (Casey) and sired by Ch. Watersedge Alias Aleksi (IID) (Aleksi). This is a lovely litter of babies comprising of four females and one male. One of the females is a highly coveted domino, another a lovely brown and tan, two very pretty black and tan and one handsome black and tan boy. Congratulations to you!

March 21st
Another of our Finnish Lapphunds has gone to his new home - Watersedge Alias Akseli (Finn) will be no doubtedly be delighted in his new life in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

March 18th
The first of our Finnish Lapphund puppies from Ch. Watersedge Alias Aleksi (IID) (Aleksi) and Ch. Theldaroy Wild Wild Ways (Chey) have gone to their new homes today. Watersedge Alias Arrturri (Axle) has jetted off to his new home in Western Australia (he is the second from Watersedge Kennels to make the Western state his home), whilst his brother Watersedge Alias Aatami (Aatami) will be enjoying life on the Gold Coast.

March 16th
With only three shows to her credit since her return to Queensland, our Finnish Lapphund Watersedge Tru Diamond (IID) (Sylvi) is awarded Intermediate in Group at her fourth show.

March 15th
Our Finnish Lapphund Watersedge Tru Diamond (IID) (Sylvi) obtains her first Best of Breed certificate.

March 8th
With our Finnish Lapphund Watersedge Sno White (Miia) out from injury again(!!!!!), Watersedge Tru Diamond (IID) (Sylvi) gains her first Queensland challenge points.

February 16th
Our Finnish Lapphund Watersedge Tru Diamond (IID) (Sylvi) makes her debut on the Queensland show circuit.

February 10th
Engleforest Jarrah (Jarrah), our Australian Kelpie, with only one show under his belt since early December is awarded Junior in Group.

February 9th
Wayne and Sue Sharp of Janoby Kennels welcome seven Finnish Lapphund puppies - five boys and two girls, born of Ch. Janoby All About Aura (Aura) and sired by Ch. Watersedge Sno Storm (Kustaa). This mating has produced four more lovely cream puppies as well as three exceptional black and tan puppies. There is one of each colour in the girls - so hard to choose from! Mother and babies doing well. Congratulations!

January 20th
Ch. Theldaroy Wild Wild Ways (Chey) delivers her second and final litter of Finnish Lapphunds for Watersedge Kennels. Seven pups in total - four girls and three boys. Apart from being a beautiful litter of puppies, this litter is special as it not only includes another cream for Watersedge, but two lovely chocolate and tan - all females. Together with these three was another stunning black and tan girl and three very handsome black and tan boys. The father, Ch. Watersedge Alias Aleksi (IID) (Aleksi), could be seen loitering at the front door anxiously awaiting news of his new children.

January 1st
New Year - new day - new era, our Finnish Lapphund, Watersedge Tru Diamond (IID) (Sylvi), her ransom having been paid and the exchange made, arrives home to Queensland to a loving welcome. We are so glad to have her back safe and sound. Thank you Wayne and Sue Sharp - Janoby Kennels - for your part in bringing her home.