May 31st
Watersedge Unique Design (Ziggy) - owned by Corinne Chandler - triumphs again over his sisters Watersedge Designer Label (Abby) and Watersedge Private Collection (Ivy-Rose) with another Best of Breed Australian Kelpie to his credit.

Ziggy and his new "girlfriend" Ringbarka Flaming Star (Star) - also owned by Corinne Chandler - had a sleepover last night whilst Corinne and the rest of the family had a trip away to the rodeo. Ziggy and Star both spent the night on my bed!

Star made her debut today in the show ring.

May 24th
Another celebration for yet another milestone - Ch. Kairouban Disco Dancer (Cocoa), our grand dam is celebrating her 15th birthday!

Cocoa joined our family along with her daughter Tarndrew Watch My Style (Dani) in October 1997, from Tarndrew Kennels. She was the 2nd of our Kairouban girls and she has had a significant impact on the direction our Australian Kelpies have taken.

Cocoa was always the first one picked off by others when a hand for the Challenge line-up was required. She was a striking example of an Australian Kelpie bitch to have on the end of the lead.

She is a delightful old lady and has justly earned her place in the hierarchy of our kennels and more importantly her place in the sun.

May 19th
Vale OC Watersedge Red Ribbons TDX ET ADM JDM HIT (Willow).
9th March 1998-19th May 2009.

It is with great sadness that we mark the passing of this remarkable Australian Kelpie. She was undoubtedly the most successful sporting dog to have ever been bred at Watersedge.

Willow acheived this sporting greatness at a very young age and amassed numerous ANKC Obedience, Agility and Tracking Titles throughout her short (4 year) career including;
June 1999 when she was awarded her Companion Dog (CD) Title at 13 months of age with a top score of 193,
September 1999 her Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) Title at 17 months of age with a top score of 197!,
and February 2000 her Utility Dog (UD) Title at 22 months of age with a top score of 191.

This was a busy year for Willow as she completed her Tracking Dog (TD) Title in May 2000 and then her Endurance Title (ET) in July 2000. In September 2000 she followed this up with her Agility Dog Title (AD) and shortly after in November 2000 she gained her Agility Dog Excellent (ADX) Title.

2001 started with Willow acquiring her Jumping Dog (JD) Title in April, her Agility Dog Masters (ADM) in July and her Jumping Dog Excellent (JDX) Title in September.

In August 2001 Willow was also awarded 1st place in Masters Agility at the Royal Queensland Show (EKKA).

2002 saw her complete her Jumping Dog Masters (JDM) Title in April and then to cap the year off she reached the Obedience pinnacle with her Obedience Champion (OC) Title with a top score of 193.

In 2003 Willow obtained her Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX) Title in June and in November her Herding Instinct Title (HIT).

Willow was also involved with the Agility Dog Association of Australia (AADA) and recieved many titles and awards including:
Australian Agility Dog (AAD) in September 2002,
Senior Australian Agility Dog (SAAD) in October 2002,
Australian Agility Games Dog (AAGD) in July 2003,
Australian Agility Team Dog (AATD) in September 2003, and
Australian Agility Champion (AAC) again in September 2003.

In October 2003 Willow competed at the AADA's National Championships and gained;
Midi Dog of the Year Runner-Up, and
Maxi 24 Weave Pole Challenge Runner-Up in 5.64 seconds!

In November 2003 Willow sustained an injury and her competition life came to an abrupt end.

As a breeder I have to say that the type of owner that Loretta McCray was to Willow is the type of owner we would all love to have for our puppies. Loretta was faced with 2 options - to find another dog to trial or to opt out of trialling altogether. Loretta chose the 2nd option and I would have to say the love these two shared is irreplaceable.

Willow spent her remaining years as Loretta's companion and is now interred in Loretta's back garden on the Darling Downs. Loretta says "each one of those years was the very best in my life...."

Willows sporting achievements are legendary; though her greatest acheivement is that she touched the life of her owner, no, partner, in such a way as to make both their lives so much brighter.

Rest In Peace Willow. You know how much loved and missed you are.

May 19th
On a much happier note: Happy Birthday Georgie Porgie Puddin'n'Pie!

Ch. Watersedge Georgie Girl (George) is celebrating her birthday today.

George was a lively little cricket in her younger days and things haven't changed much in that department! She is our dynamo of a red Australian Kelpie. George is well known for her rather "talkative" manner around the show ring.

She was always in the winners circle and still makes guest appearances in the regular and now Veteran Classes.

May 15th
Another Best of Breed to our very handsome two-tone Australian Kelpie Watersedge Unique Design (Ziggy) today. Corinne Chandler his owner was very happy indeed!

He was followed very closely by his sister Watersedge Private Collection (Ivy-Rose) who was awarded Runner-Up.

The judge was very much taken by surprise to see the two-tones in the show ring and commented that she was impressed with the quality as she hadn't really seen many of these in the show ring since the early 70's! She has urged us to continue showing these Kelpies to showcase the different colours available.

May 12th
They say that all good things must come to an end.

Watersedge Evening Shadow's (Pippin) vacation with us is over. It has been an absolute delight to have this little girl come and stay whilst her human parents have been overseas.

Ch. Watersedge Evening Star (Evie), her mother, spent a significant amount of time with Pippin last night, just cleaning her face and sitting with her. It was as if she knew that Pippin would be gone today.

Fortunatley she lives close by so Evie will not have to wait too long to see her again.

May 8th
Following on from last weekend where Watersedge Private Collection (Ivy-Rose) was awarded her first Challenge Points for her Australian Championship Title; today was her sister's - Watersedge Designer Label (Abby) - turn.

I am very pleased to see the two tones being recognised as Abby firstly had to win her class over a solid colour Australian Kelpie. Abby was eventually awarded the Runner-Up Best of Breed, which was just the icing on the cake.

I am sure this has something to do with the fact that she has been with Corinne Chandler of Kelprin Kennels for the last week. Corinne is the Chief Instructor with Ipswich Obedience Club and Abby has certainly learned some manners during her time away.

It was a bit of a family affair with Ch. Engleforest Jarrah (Jarrah) - their father - who was awarded Best of Breed Australian Kelpie and their brother Watersedge Unique Design (Ziggy) also stepping up to the plate as the Reserve Challenge dog.

Not to be outdone, Watersedge Sno Lily (Lylli) our lovely cream Finnish Lapphund has also returned to the ring in style. She has been on vacation awaiting the return of her coat!

She was so excited to be going out again. Lylli does everything with a great deal of enthusiasm and she just loves showing off!

Lylli was awarded the Best of Breed over her father - Grand Ch. Watersedge Alias Aleksi (IID) (Aleksi).

She was ably handled to this achievement by her partner, Olivia Wong of Elkana Kennels. I am not sure who was the most pleased to see who!

May 3rd

Finally a bit of good news.....

Watersedge Tiger Lily (Heidi) has gained the final few points that she required for her Australian Championship title. Heidi has been an absolute delight to campaign. She is our only Brown & Tan Finnish Lapphund.

Also, Watersedge Private Collection (Ivy-Rose), our Red & Tan Australian Kelpie has also gained her first challenge points on her quest toward her Australian Championship title.

It was certainly a great day for the Brown/Red & Tan girls.

May 1st
Watersedge Designer Label (Abby) has gone to visit with her brother Watersedge Unique Design (Ziggy) for a week. I have been told that I may not get her back!