September 29th
Birthday Celebrations for Ch. Tomolga Designer Genes' (Noosa) last litter of puppies. Watersedge Unique Design (Ziggy), Watersedge Designer Label HT PT (Abby) and Watersedge Private Collection (Ivy-Rose) are celebrating their 1st birthday today.

These 3 puppies are the first ever two-tone Australian Kelpies to be born at Watersedge. They have been busy in their first year.

Ziggy has almost achieved his Australian Championship Title. He only requires the final points which he needs to qualify now that he is 12 months of age. He has started his Obedience career and will soon attempt his Community Companion Dog (CCD) Title.

Abby has also accumulated points toward her Australian Championship Title, however her main focus since the middle of this year has been on the Herding discipline. Abby has obtained her Herding Instinct Certificate (HIC), Herding Test (HT) Title and her Pre Trial Test (PT) Title - all since the beginning of July.

Ivy-Rose, not to be outdone, has points toward her Australian Championship Title as well. She has also had success in the Herding arena, obtaining her HIC and one qualifying certificate for her HT.

Well done kids! Who knows what the next year will bring..... 

September 20th
The final Herding Tests for 2009 run by the GSD Club of Qld were on today. Watersedge Designer Label HT PT (Abby) had another run in (Pre Trial) PT and qualified. Again, it was not her best run but it is always good to work in a different place with different sheep. We will be back next year and looking forward to real trialling!

Watersedge Private Collection (Ivy-Rose) was the unexpected success for the day. Ivy-Rose has been dabbling in herding and we have not be training her too consistently. Nevertheless she completed a very nice run in (Herding Test) HT and now has the first qualifier for this title.

Both girls will be out next year hoping to progress through the ranks. It is very pleasing to see the progress that these 2 young Australian Kelpies have made over the last few months as they are not quite 12 months old!

It was also good to see that Watersedge Evening Shadow (Pippin) and Watersedge Peridot (Dotti) had made the trip with their parents to check out the herding scene.

Pippin will be making her debut next year and has also started with beginner agility training. Dotti (now aged 13+), Ch. Watersedge Crown Jewels' (C.J.) sister, from Ch. Ringbarka Gemma's (Gemma) first litter will most likely be on the sidelines cheering on her young niece.

Photos of today's event now in the gallery courtesy of Peter Wong.

September 18th
Watersedge Ginger Lilly (Maya) brought her "sister" Zaphira the Siberian to visit. Ch. Watersedge Sno Lily (Lylli) and Ch. Watersedge Tiger Lily (Heidi) had a great morning playing with their sister. It was a lovely to see 3 of the girls from Ch. Theldaroy Wild Wild Ways' (Chey) last litter back together again.

September 13th
The last of Ch. Janoby All About Aura's (Roara) baby girls has now gone to her new home. Watersedge All About Allure is close by in metropolitan Brisbane and will also be a very much loved companion for her new family.

September 6th
Today was a very different story with our quest for our Australian Kelpie, Watersedge Designer Label HT's (Abby) Pre Trial Test pass at the Cattle Dog & Kelpie Club of Qld Inc's Herding Trial. I am very happy that not only did Abby pass with a very good run, she was also presented with the Judge's Encouragement award.

I was beginning to wonder if yesterday was a reminder of just how little we both know about the Herding discipline!

September 5th
Today marks the beginning of the Cattle Dog & Kelpie Club of Qld Inc.'s Herding Weekend, held at "Nellarou" on the Darling Downs. It also marks the traditional end of the Herding season in Queensland.

Despite a run in the Pre Trial (PT) Herding Test which left a bit to be desired, Watersedge is very happy to announce that our Australian Kelpie, Watersedge Designer Label HT (Abby) now has her first qualification for this title.

It was a bit of a disappointment given all of the good work and effort that Abby has given over the last few months, especially for this weekend. However a lot of old Herding hands have said that it all depends on the day and that there can be many reasons for an unsuccessful or not outstanding attempt.

The weekend also marked an opportunity to catch up with old friends and aquaintances.

It was very sad to hear that our very special Australian Kelpie, OC Watersedge Red Ribbons TDX ET ADM JDM HIT (Willow) had passed away. She joins her father Grand Ch. Ringbarka Ginger Meggs (Ginger Meggs), her mother Tarndrew Watch My Style (Dani) and her maternal Grandparents Ch. Kairouban Flashy Black (Flash) and Ch. Kairouban Disco Dancer (Cocoa) at the Rainbow Bridge.

Willow enjoyed a stellar career in the Obedience/Agility disciplines and her record was unsurpassed for many years. Her partner in her amazing career, Loretta McCray informed me that Willow passed away at the end of May this year. They had been a part of each others lives for 11 years.

Theirs was a partnership to which most triallers aspire and was evident in the commitment to each other that dog and handler enjoyed. Our most sincerest condolences to Lorretta as we knew how much Willow meant to her.

Willow spent many years at the top of the Obedience/Agility fields in Queensland and represented the State at National events on many occasions. Watersedge salutes Willow as one of the greats and applaudes her efforts for all of her achievements throughout her illustrious career.

RIP little one - you have earned your place in the sun.

September 4th
The last of Ch. Janoby All About Aura's (Roara) boys has left for his new home. Watersedge Top Secret (Bodhi) has left for a life in inner Sydney where he will be a much loved family member.

September 1st
Two of Ch. Janoby All About Aura's (Roara) babies have made the journey to their new homes today. Both flew out from Brisbane to opposite ends of the Eastern Seabord.

Watersedge Secret Agent has made the trip to Melbourne where he will be carrying on the tradition for Janoby Kennels. He is a credit to both his parents and Watersedge wishes every success to Wayne & Sue Sharp with this new addition to their Lapphund line-up.

The second of the girls, Watersedge Sno Belle has also winged her way northward to the top of the country and will have a lovely life with her new owner in the Cairns hinterland. She is a much wished for companion for her new family.