October 29th
In continuance with the circle of life, Watersedge is very sad to herald the passage of Ch. Watersedge Scarlet O'Hara (Tara) to the Rainbow Bridge.

Tara was the very first Australian Kelpie puppy retained by Watersedge to commence the breeding program we had envisioned. She was from our 3rd litter - between Ch. Nellarou Picnic Racer (Nicki) and Grand Ch. Ringbarka Ginger Meggs (Ginger Meggs).

Tara was an amazing dog to have on the end of lead in the show ring. She had such show presence and virtually showed herself!

She was a Junior when she obtained her Australian Championship title. She amassed countless awards during her career from Baby Puppy to Runner-Up Exhibit in Group and many "in Show" awards as well. Along with her father, she was also half of a formidable force in Brace classes, taking home countless awards over many years.

Tara recently celebrated her 12th Birthday. She had been diagnosed with a tumour some months earlier but this had not seemed to slow her down. Her demise was very quick and merciful.

We will miss our "little red haired girl with freckles", as she had always been known to us. Run free little angel. We will see you in heaven.

October 18th
Watersedge is very thrilled to announce the birth of 5 puppies to Theldaroy KissMe It's Ezy (IID) (Elke). She has produced 2 females and 3 males who are all varying degrees of black and tan in colouring.

Elke surprised us with this delightful litter to Grand Ch. Watersedge Alias Aleksi (IID) (Aleksi). This mating was one which has been planned since the import of Ch. Fidelis Haltiar (imp FIN) (Taru) - by Watersedge - and Ch. Fidelis Gratia Finnica (imp FIN) (Angel) - by Theldaroy - who came to Australia early in 2005.

Both of these Finnish Lapphunds were imported in whelp and this signalled a new and exciting era for the development of this breed in Australia. These 2 litters have been the only successful imported litters to date.

It is extremely rewarding to see the progeny of these 2 imports now joining forces for the betterment of the breed in Australia; contributing to the forward progression as had been planned so many years previously.

Photos now in the gallery .........

October 17th
We have had confirmation today that Ch. Watersedge Tru Colours (IID) (Katja) is not going to be delivering a bundle of Finnish Lapphund puppies this month. It is a shame that she has missed this opportunity but we will be attempting another mating early next year.

October 16th
A very big congratulations to Terri MacDonald and Janoby Clear The Way (aka Boof/Bear/BB) as today he qualified for his Australian Championship title. Owned in partnership with Wayne & Sue Sharp of Janoby Kennels, he is the first cream Finnish Lapphund in Victoria to acheive this.

He is a "chip of the old block" being a son of Ch. Watersedge Sno Storm (Kustaa) and also Ch. Janoby All About Aura (Roara), who is still enjoying her Queensland holiday!

Well done you gorgeous cream fella from one very proud grandmother!

October 10th
To prove a point that last weekends result was no accident, Watersedge Secret Agent (Larry) has once again been awarded Baby Puppy in Group. He was also run for Baby Puppy in Show but was unsuccessful this time.

This makes 3 from 3 for Larry as he was also awarded Baby in Group at a Members Competition show too. Congratulations Janoby Kennels on this success so far.

 Go Larry! We wish you many more to come.

October 7th
My Kitten - Ch. Watersedge Tru Colours (IID) (Katja) is home! I don't know which of us was more excited to see the other.

She has had a lovely sojourn in Melbourne. Thanks to Wayne & Sue Sharp of Janoby Kennels for looking after her whilst she has been away.

Katja is expected to deliver her precious cargo later this month.

October 4th
I am very pleased to report that at his very first "official" show, Watersedge Secret Agent (Larry) has been awarded Baby Puppy in Group.

Larry is the son of Grand Ch. Watersedge Alias Aleksi (IID) (Aleksi) and Ch. Janoby All About Aura (Roara). Roara is on loan from Janoby Kennels to Watersedge and produced a fabulous litter of 7 Finnish Lapphund puppies in June 2009.

Owned and shown by Wayne and Sue Sharp of Janoby Kennels I am sure Larry has a very big future in front of him. Well done young man!

October 3rd
It has been a year since Ch. Watersedge Evening Star (Evie) gave birth to her one and only litter of Australian Kelpie puppies. It doesn't seem possible that the time has passed so quickly.

Evie's black daughter Watersedge Evening Shadow (Pippin) will be out early next year commencing her dog sports. Watersedge Australia Son (Edmund), Evie's red son is still living the life of Riley and Watersedge Flashy Black (Flashy), Evie's black son and Watersedge Evening Mist (Misty), Evie's red daughter are still their families pride and joy.