November 30th
Following a romantic tryst Watersedge is pleased to announce the expected pitter-patter of tiny puppy paws. Ch. Engleforest Jarrah (Jarrah) and Watersedge Diamantina (Tina) will be looking forward to a litter of Australian Kelpies early February 2010 if all goes to plan.

Jarrah is my special boy. Tina is a lovely black bitch from the late Ch. Kairouban Flashy Black (Flash) and my pocket rocket, Ch. Watersedge Georgie Girl (George).

All in all this will be a very special litter!

November 7th
We had a blast from the past today with a visit from one of our "family" members. Kerre Taylor dropped by on her way back to the Cape with Watersedge Kentucky Derby CD (Jai).

Kerre was an Obedience Instructor many years ago with the Gold Coast Dog Obedience Club. She was very committed to her training and certainly gave me a workout when she was training Jai for Obedience and I attempted to train Ch. Ringbarka Gemma (Gemma)!

It has been a while since we have seen Kerre and Jai - apparently 9 years! Much too long between drinks. It was really fabulous to catch up with Kerre and hear of her adventures.

Jai is an Australian Kelpie from our third litter between Grand Ch. Ringbarka Ginger Meggs (Ginger Meggs) and Ch. Nellarou Picnic Racer (Nicki). He is also a litter brother to our recently departed Ch. Watersedge Scarlet O'Hara (Tara). It is such a shame that they did not meet for their own family reunion. If Tara was like her father, Jai is like his mother. The family resemblence is uncanny.

Jai is a graduate from Animal Actors and was a "star" of the small screen with his "role" in Beastmaster; the Series. He was featured in the Seven's Great South East advertising commercial earlier this decade. Jai has also appeared in print media advertising.

These days he can be found hanging out with Kerre and her husband Ian as they travel this vast land of ours. He is very sprightly for a 12 year old!

Today has been full of unexpected surprises as Corinne Chandler of Kelprin Kennels has also called to say that Watersedge Unique Design (Ziggy) - after a while out from the show ring - has just taken another Best of Breed Australian Kelpie under an International Judge. Go Ziggy!

This is very pleasing to hear that the two-tone Australian Kelpies are receiving the recognition they deserve. He and his "girlfriend", Ringbarka Flaming Star (Star) have come back with a vengeance, both attaining a Best of Breed award this week under serious competition.

On the Finnish Lapphund front, Watersedge Sno Drift (Toska) owned by Gerard & Sue Burside of Miavig kennels has also had a good weekend. At Orange, NSW, Toska was awarded 2nd place in the 3-6 months sweepstakes from a field of 27! Not bad for a cream.....

November 4th
Today marks the passing of our most gorgeous black Australian Kelpie, Ch.Kairouban Flashy Black (Flash). It seems a lifetime ago that this majestic dog was part of our everyday life and yet it has been only 12 months. Rest softly Flashy Handsome Boy.

November 3rd
Watersedge Unique Design (Ziggy) has made his way back to the show ring after an absence of some months and has been awarded the Dog Challenge. Ziggy has matured a lot in those months away and I am sure that these points will be the first of many more to come.

Ziggy is pursuing his Australian Championship title and Watersedge is hoping to announce in the very near future that he has achieved this.

Ziggy will be the first two-toned Australian Kelpie to obtain his conformation title since his mother - Ch. Tomolga Designer Genes (Noosa) - was successful earlier this decade. It would be a fairly certain assumption that a Red & Tan has not acheived this notoriety for many decades in Queensland!