Breeding Philosophy

At Watersedge Australian Kelpies & Finnish Lapphunds, we usually only breed a litter of pups when we are looking to keep something for our future development. Watersedge does not believe in mass production of puppies and we are a firm believer in "quality not quantity".

As such, puppies are sometimes available for those discerning people who are looking for quality in what they purchase. We don't feel it necessary to breed excessively with any of our Australian Kelpie or Finnish Lapphund girls. We put their health and welfare first and foremost. We prefer to continue our tradition of hand raised, house reared puppies for people who appreciate the difference.

Our female Australian Kelpies and Finnish Lapphunds will most likely only have one or two litters of puppies each. Should you be interested in a puppy from a particular girl please contact Watersedge to ascertain when and if a puppy would likely be available.

Watersedge does not insist on deposits being left to secure a puppy from a planned litter. Of course, once our puppies have been born and allocated to the new owners, a deposit will be required for a retainer for the puppy in question.

For our planned litters (ie - ones in the pipeline but the dogs in question not mated nor pregnancy confirmed), you may wish to be added to our list of prospective puppy purchasers. It is our intention to find the best possible homes for our puppies; we will endeavour to match a puppy to the new owner by taking into consideration what will be required of the new addition.

After all a dog is for life and the better suited the dog to the new owner - the better the life for one of Watersedge's puppies!

Some states in Australia legislate for breeders to comply with certain requirements for known heritable diseases. Unfortunately the legislation relies on the ethics of the breeder and that certain diseases "should" be tested for with the intent to eliminate the problem from the breed. Sadly this is not always the case.

Watersedge maintains a high standard of ethical decision making with respect to our breeding program. We DNA test all of our Finnish Lapphunds for prcd-PRA (progressive rod-cone degeneration). All Finnish Lapphund puppies born at Watersedge are DNA tested, profiled and parentage certified.

As well we maintain a relevant eye testing regime under the ACES scheme (Australian Canine Eye Scheme) for all of our adult dogs - Finnish Lapphunds and Australian Kelpies - for all known and identifiable eye diseases. Our ACES tests are performed by a Veterinarian who is not just an ACES panelist, but also has AVA standing as a recognised Specialist Veterinary Ophthalmologist.

PRA is a degenerative disease which can cause blindness. We are a PRA free kennel and to date Watersedge has no identified hereditary eye problems in either breed.

None of our dogs are used within our breeding program prior to having been assessed for Hip/Elbow Dysplasia and without approval by the AVA (Australian Veterinary Association) for inclusion in our breeding programs - for our Australian Kelpies and Finnish Lapphunds.

All health results are freely available to our puppy purchasers. Watersedge advises anyone considering a puppy from either breed to ascertain from the breeder pertinent information regarding the testing and results from parents of any litter.

Melissa Waters is a committee member of the Canine Health Sub-Committee for Dogs Qld.

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For enquires on future litters please email or call Melissa on 0414 557 325

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